“It” 2017

The final movie I watched was based off of the Stephen King novel with the same name and over 1,000 pages. (1,138 to be exact) This movie was a remake of the first “It” movie made in 1986 that is broken into two parts. While the first “It” movie was a 3 hour long one, the creators of the remake decided to split the movie into two chapters. One chapter being when they are kids, and the next being when they are adults. I watched the part following the story of the kids and after watching this, I am very excited to see the second part of the movie coming out in September of this year. Chapter 1 of the “It” remake starts off with a rainy day in the town of Derry, Maine. The movie then introduces the two brothers, Billy and Georgie. Billy is sick but Georgie wanted to play in the rain. Billy makes Georgie a paper boat and sends Georgie to the basement to get wax to make the boat float better. Georgie goes outside and sets the boat down on the road. The water takes the boat away with Georgie trailing behind it. The boat falls down a drain where Pennywise the Clown is there to greet Georgie. After some small talk with the boy, Pennywise offers the boat back. In the process of reaching for the boat, the clown grabs Georgie’s arm and bites it clean off before dragging him into the drain. The movie skips to a few months later on the last day of school.

Gretta (left) and Henry Bowers with his gang (In the yellow)

This is where the viewers see the members of the “Losers Club” and some of the other major characters of the movie. Some of these characters include: Henry Bowers (bully of the Losers Club) and Gretta. (a bully of the female characters) After leaving school, we see that Billy still hasn’t gotten over the death of his brother, and we can see this when he tries to show his dad a real life model of a possible place Georgie could have went. His father responds by reassuring him saying that Georgie is dead and there is no point in looking for him. The next set of scenes in “It” are basically a large chunk of the movie where the people watching the movie get to see the fears of the kids in the Losers Club, when Pennywise shape shifts into what the kids are afraid of. So instead of summarizing this part of the movie, I’m going to list the characters and their fears.

Billy’s Fear: Losing his brother
Ben’s Fear: The history of Derry and Mummies
Beverly’s Fear: Her abusive father
Eddie’s Fear: Sickness
Mike’s Fear: Reliving the day his parents died in a fire

Richie’s Fear: Clowns
Stanley’s Fear: Portrait of a girl with a flute in his dad’s office
Henry’s Fear: His police officer dad

Once we see these fears, the whole squad goes to Ben’s house where his room is filled with newspaper articles from years of Derry’s history. He explains to everyone that every 27 years, there is a tragedy that strikes Derry and the cause is Pennywise. It is also noted that the place where Pennywise lives, or lived at a well house. The Losers Club goes to the well house and they split up, which is the mistake that leads to them losing. Pennywise single handedly destroyed the kids and broke Eddie’s arm. They all survived, but also realized that they were way too weak to take the clown on. The group sort of splits after Eddie’s mom (who is very protective of him) takes him away and bans him from seeing his friends. In the process of this separation some events occurred in Derry, like Henry killing his father after getting manipulated by Pennywise, and Beverly killing her father by smashing him over the head with a pot. But after Beverly kills Pennywise, she gets grabbed by her neck and taken to Pennywise’s lair. This kind of forces them to get back together, in order to save Beverly and finish off Pennywise. The scene skips to everyone in front of the well house where Pennywise have defeated them before. The boys enter the house, but Henry is in a car watching them from a distance. This indicates that Henry is most likely going to follow the group of kids and try to kill them. The kids walk around the house to find the well where the clown’s lair is. Everyone uses a rope to climb down the well until the final person has to go down. This person is Mike. Before Mike could go down. Henry tackles him and tries to kill him with his own sheep bolt gun. He misses the shot and Mike hits him with a rock, then pushes him down the well, killing him. Mike loads the gun back up, but accidentally drops all of the bullets down the well. The parts of “It” following these scenes are parts in the well where the squad gets split up from each other and almost leads to the death of some of the characters. But the everyone finds the actual lair when Billy is following what he thinks is Georgie. The rest of the club is pretty far behind Bill, but they still have an idea of where he is going. When the rest of the Losers Club enter the lair, they first see Beverly floating in the air, along with all of the other victims and a mountain of their belongings. The kids pull Beverly down from the sky, but she was stuck in an unconscious state until Ben kisses her. She woke up because she wasn’t afraid of anything after killing her father. The final moments of the movie is Billy having an emotional dialogue with Georgie until he shoots him in the head with the sheep gun. Georgie transforms into Pennywise and grabs Billy. Pennywise offers a deal that he takes Billy and everyone can survive, or he can kill all of the kids. The only thing left to do for Richie was to take a bat and perform an ultimate beatdown on the clown. Pennywise retreats into a well that’s in the well they’re already in and the movie is pretty much over.Billy takes Georgie’s dirty raincoat that he wore the day he died. Then the movie skips to the next month where the kids all stand in a circle and they do a blood oath to come back if Pennywise tries to haunt Derry again. The movie finally fades when Billy kisses Beverly before she leaves to live with her aunt.

“It” was the most technologically advanced movies that I have seen and it was the last movie that I have seen for this project. I remember when I watched this movie in theaters and I still think the same thing when I watch it today. I said to myself the first time, “wow this movie wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.” I would actually rather call this movie a funnier movie. Don’t get me wrong , there were many scary parts of the movie, it’s just where most parts were seen to be scary, they were just washed down with comedic moments that didn’t necessarily have to be there. I’m really indifferent to these changes that are going on. There are times where I like these changes and feel that these funny moments fit in the movies, but most of the time, these people need to take on more comedy roles and keep the scary things scary. I do have high hopes for the Chapter 2 of “It” and maybe the adult actors will put on a better job with the horror aspect instead of a little horror and a little comedy. Like I said before though, I am really looking forward to the sequel and I still would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something that will scare their shoes off, and make them laugh at the same time.

Crazy fight between the Losers Club and Pennywise
Might have to use Safari (like always!!!) 🤘🏻
My personal favorite scene of the movie. Georgie’s death
(Safari is a good option 😜)

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