“Scream” (1996)

This next movie that I watched was one that I felt like I have seen one hundred times due to me watching the hilarious spoof Scary Movie. This movie was the complete opposite though. The first ever Scream movie made in 1996, was a mysterious horror movie that featured a group of friends being harassed my a masked killer who would call them on the phone. The movie starts with an introduction on how the killer acts. He calls a person that is alone in a house. He then says that he will murder them if they fail a horror movie trivia. Most of the time, the victims fail and they meet their demise at the hands of “ghostface.” The scene then cuts to a high school where the word around town is the death of their classmate. We then get to see all of the main characters in the movie, with the focus on Sidney Prescott, whose mother was brutally killed almost a year prior to this incident. Her and her four friends then try to survive the whole time while trying to uncover the mystery of who the killer is. The movie follows with many people who could be the suspect including, Billy, (Sidney’s boyfriend) the sherif of police and even Sidney’s father. After many deaths of the different characters in the movie, the numbers of possible killers dwindles down to only a few people. The closing scenes of the movie show the aftermath of a house party thrown by Stu, who is in this little friend group of Sidney. After being attacked in a car parked in front of the house, Sidney rushes into the front door of the house, with Stu and Randy helplessly following behind her. Before they could enter though, Sidney closes and locks the door after taking a gun from a deputy officer. She is at a point of panic where she will not be able to trust anyone but herself. This is until Bobby comes down the stairs with blood all over his stomach region. Sidney gives him the gun after he demands it in order for him to check outside. After letting Stu and Randy into the house, he shoots Randy in the chest and uncovers the big mystery that him and Stu were the killers the entire time. Billy reveals his motive being because of Sidney’s mother sleeping around and causing the divorce of his parents, with Stu’s motive being, and I quote from him, “peer pressure maaan!” The story makes its final end with the two killers being distracted and Sidney running away and pulling a trick from their own book. Sidney hides in a closet and calls Bobby on the phone. She then lures him closer to her, until she blasts out of the door in the full “Ghostface” costume, and impales him with an umbrella. She then shoots Stu to end their reign of terror. The movie ends with a wide shot of a news reporter going over the event that rocked the town.

This movie used many different Literary Devices that I was taught in English class this year believe it or not. The director, Wes Craven used foreshadowing and red herring in order to make this movie even scarier. Red herring refers to the action of misleading the viewer in order to hide the actual outcome. Craven uses red herring in two ways though. Red herring is used to throw, not only the person watching the movie off, but this method is also used in the movie when characters try to throw each other off of who the suspect could be. An example could be a video store scene at about 55 minutes into the movie, where Stu and Randy are having a dialogue. Stu tells Randy that the killer is probably Sidney’s dad when Randy brings up the possibility that Bobby is the killer. This puts another possible killer with a logical motive. The fact that this was a mystery movie shows how red herring was a really good thing to add on and the effectiveness it had on the characters. All in all, this movie would be really scary, but the problem was, I saw this movie so many times, most of the things that were happening were quite predictable and pretty obvious to me. Where other movies like The Shining, which I have never saw until this project, was much more suspenseful and scarier. Overall, this movie didn’t have as flashy kills as Friday the 13th, it came close to having as good as a plot as The Shining, but this movie sure was the most suspenseful that I have watched so far from this list I have chosen.

This is the scene that shows red herring in the ending parts of the movie. (Might have to use Safari๐Ÿ˜€)
This is a scene that shows in the beginning of the movie who the killer could actually be. (Might have to use Safari ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘)

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