“Halloween” (1978)

A well spent two hours it was watching the amazing movie Halloween. This movie was filled with a few jump scares (13 to be exact) and is to be considered a good amount for how short the movie is compared to the other ones I will be watching later on. This movie all started in 1963, when a little boy named Michael Myers, dressed in a clown costume murdered his older sister, Judith with a butcher knife. After being sent to a prison for fifteen years, Micheal escaped one day before Halloween. This somehow not alerting anyone besides Michaels doctor, Sam Loomis, who shows up later in the movie. Upon his arrival to his former town, Michael killed a mechanic and stole his uniform and a butcher knife. Throughout the movie, viewers focuses on the life of high school girl, Laurie Strode and her troubles with the cold blooded killer after Michael sees her delivering a package to his old house. The movie then shows various scenes of Michael stalking Laurie from afar in different places like school and in her home. The night of Halloween comes and Laurie is baby sitting two kids when Michael attacks her friend that is also baby sitting across the street. Her friend makes it to the house that Laurie is in and so does Michael. To make a long story short, Michael kills Laurie’s friend, but Laurie fights him off until Dr. Loomis shows up and enters the house. Loomis finds Michael upstairs and shoots him six times and sends Michael through a window, making him land on the ground below. After recovering from the intense fight with Michael, Loomis checks outside expecting Michaels lifeless body to be in the spot where he fell before, but comes to a surprise when Michael’s body had disappeared. The movie finally comes to an end at the sight of Laurie Strode crying after the traumatic event that just occurred.

When watching this movie, I took account and rewinded most of the time that I saw a jump scare part in order to find a pattern that director, John Carpenter might have made to emphasize the spookiness of the scene. Most of the jump scare parts included a playing of the Halloween theme music, or had the actors screaming in terror of Michael. I noticed that these methods were used more than one time in this movie, and the scream effect for example, was more effective sometimes than others because of different actors. There was a point in the movie where Michael scared the actress that played Laurie Strode, and the scream that she did, made the scene feel genuine and like she was actually scared, while there was another part in the movie where Michael did the same thing. As opposed to Jamie Lee Curtis’ reaction, another character in the movie, showed a typical scream that did not do a good enough job in letting the viewer how intense the part of the movie was. This also showed that this movie could have been a lot more scarier than it actually was. One thing that viewers need to take an account of when watching movies, is the differences in personalities and body language of the characters during these so-called “scary scenes.”

Image [“Halloween” 1978 Original Movie Trailer (HD) – YouTube.com]

Image [hollywoodreporter.com]

Image [Dazed]

Image [Dread Central]

Skip to 0:47 to see an example of a jump scare in 1978’s Halloween. (You might have to use Safari if Google does not work! 🙂


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